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Conquer the Streets with Mi Foldable Electric Scooter Pro  

Xiaomi is widely known for smart home tech and smartphones, but its success with the Mi Pro makes it a major player in the world of electric scooters. More commonly known as the M365 Pro, it comes with a better battery range and larger motor than its predecessor. It is a great electric scooter for adults in every way that counts.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro Features

The Xiaomi Mi Pro is designed for an enhanced user experience. From a long-range battery to an ultra-lightweight build, this motor scooter is everything you’d want to take your journey further.

High-Performance Motor

The powerful 300W motor lends a quick acceleration of 5.3 seconds from 0 to 24km. At its peak, the motor produces 600 watts of power. It performs incredibly well even when going uphill. And with a 15.6-second hill climb time, you can be sure there isn’t much this motor can’t handle.

User-Friendly Control

The display panel is built into the handlebar coupled with a button to make controlling easy. The button turns the scooter on and off, turns the light on and off, and switches between modes. The bright LED display shows you essential information such as mode, Bluetooth connection, speed, and battery life.

Comfortable Handling

The Xiaomi Mi Pro is designed for comfortable handling. It has 8.5-inch pneumatic tires that provide plenty of cushioning. It also handles quite well on tarmac and concrete surfaces. Additionally, its rigidity makes for an assured and stable ride.

Increased Range

Take your journey further with an increased range of 45km. The powerful 474Wh lithium-ion battery of this commute scooter can last longer on a single charge and takes 8-9 hours to recharge. Like its predecessor, it charges slowly during use.

Fold and Carry Design 

The Mi Pro is a collapsible electric scooter that is easily portable. This comes in handy when you need to store it in a case or the trunk for transportation. The three-step process means that you’ll have your scooter folded down in a few seconds.

Three Modes

The Xiaomi Mi Pro’s riding modes make a huge difference when it comes to balancing battery performance with speed. The Eco mode is great for navigating busy traffic and caps out at 15km. At 20km, the Driving mode is perfect for keeping pace with other cyclists. The Sports mode allows you to enjoy a speed of 25km.

Ride Quality

This is a nimble scooter thanks to its combination of geometry, reasonable weight, and pneumatic tires. The handlebars give a firm grip for the ultimate control. Riding feels more natural, stable, and comfortable, making it one of the best electric scooters for the daily commute.

Mobile Tracking

This foldable electric scooter is Bluetooth-enabled with an accompanying mobile app. You can adjust the amount of regenerative braking, enable the tail light, and view important details such as total mileage, battery level, battery temperature, and more.

Take Your Journey Further with the Mi Electric Scooter Pro

Whether you need it for vacation or running errands around the neighborhood, the Xiaomi Mi Pro is a better scooter than its predecessor. It’s more powerful, lasts longer on a single charge, is packed with features, and is easy to ride. Buy this adult e-scooter today to get the ultimate riding experience. What’s more? We offer same-day shipping, secure payments, 24/7 support, and a local pickup option.



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