2020 XIAOMI™ MIJIA Smart Counting Automatic Rebound Abdominal Wheel



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Activate Your Abdominal Muscles and Shape Body at Home

A good helper for home fitness, exercise for a few minutes a day, easily exercise your abdomen, waist, hips, arms, etc., and let the beer belly, bucket waist, arm fat go through.

Real-Time Fitness Data Monitoring 

The smart display monitors exercise data in real-time, sets exercise goals, records time, frequency, and calories, helping you complete your training goals every day.

Safety Brake, Automatic Rebound

When the abdominal wheel is pushed to the top, it automatically brakes and the double-wheel rebound system assists easy to reset, assists in completing the movement, and prevents sports injuries.

Triangular Structure, Stable Support

The front and rear double wheels and the handle form a stable triangle structure and the rolling is stable, reducing the left and right shaking.

Great Material

Roller outer ring with high toughness and environmental protection TPE material, matte non-slip tread design, stronger grip and prevent floor scratch. High-density foam handle, non-slip, sweat-absorbent, comfortable, and wear-resistant, the grooved design fits the hand, it won't hurt your hand for a long time.

Professional Knee Pads to Reduce Knee Pressure

10mm thick professional kneeling pad, non-slip wavy design, more in line with the human kneeling movement, soft texture, effectively reduce knee pressure.

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