Pull Up Bar/Chin Up Bar Door Gym Equipment



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The multi-grip bar provides more handles and grip options than other pull-up/chin-up bars on the market. It has 12 comfortable grips and various handles that allow you to perform wide, hammer, and close-grip exercises.

Multi-Grip for Muscular Development

Strengthen your entire upper body and abs by using multiple grips that target different muscle regions. Working your upper body from multiple angles allows you to place greater emphasis on the muscles you want to improve and recruit more muscle fibers. The multifunctional design works well for hanging leg raises and oblique crunches. It can even be placed on the floor for triceps, dips, and push-ups.

Durable Material

The multi-grip bar is made of high-grade steel and foam/PVC grips. Holding up to 300 lbs, it is built to last!

Easy to Assemble

The multi-grip bar features a slip-in design to fit standard doorways (24 inches to 36 inches). It includes 2 optional foam covers for outer handles to protect doorframes and can be easily stowed away after use.

Perfect For Home Workouts

The portable design makes it easy to squeeze in quick workouts and stay fit from the comfort of your home.


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