TechShark™ Quickly Adjustable Weights Kettlebell 40lbs - Open Box

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This is a Certified Open Box product:

- Has been thoroughly tested and certified by our technicians in house
- Is in mint condition and verified for cosmetic flaws
- Includes a full warranty and all its original accessories
- Qualifies for our return policy, same as our new products

Please Note: The kettlebells have recently been updated to include our new branding designs. The product has not been changed other than our logo placement/packaging. Some orders may receive the product with the old branding.


Challenge Your Body

You can challenge both your muscular and cardio system with these kettlebells, increasing your strength, endurance, agility, and balance. The large weight range can be used with various exercises, including swing, row, squat, twist, etc.

Perfect for Toning-Up or Strength Training

Build strength by gradually increasing the weight. Weights increase in the following increments:

  • 40 pounds (10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 25lb, 30lb, 35lb, 40lb can be adjusted instantly)

Clearly Labeled 

Each kettlebell is also clearly labeled with the weight in the center.

Large Handle Grips and Flat Base

The large handles on the kettlebell are designed to improve grip, stability, and control throughout a range of exercises. The flat base allows the kettlebell to stand upright on any flat surface. It is ideal for storage at home or in a gym/fitness studio.

Iron Material

This kettlebell has high quality, durable and strong material. It is made from sturdy, matte, and non-slip cast iron, designed to last.

Convenient Adjustment

Each kettlebell weight piece is 5lb. Just open the safety lock, assemble the weight at your will and lock it, the adjustment is completed within 20 seconds.

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