TOWNEW™ Refill Rings - 6 month supply (Pack of 6 rings) Compatible with T1, T1S, T Air Lite, T Air X



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TOWNEW trash can uses refill rings, each containing up to 25 recyclable and durable trash bags.


Compatible with T1, T1S, T Air Lite, T Air X

Increased Durability

Tough and large in capacity, built to make it easier to accommodate your family's monthly usage. Each Refill Ring lasts up to one month. No more fumbling with bags that don't fit or seal properly. 

Water Resistance

Our refill rings are 100% recyclable and the trash bags are moisture and water-resistant.

Polyethylene Material

TOWNEW's official trash bags are made of polyethylene material (PE): durable, flexible, and stronger. This is making them 100% recyclable.

Package Content

Six official TOWNEW Refill Rings with up to 150 garbage bags.


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