TechShark™ Car Snow Removal Kit 3 in 1 - Shovel, Ice Scraper, and Snow Brush Car Set with a Carrying Bag



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How to Assemble | Package Contains

The TechShark™ Snow Removal Kit is highly recommended for all drivers out there, especially those who are living in snowy and cold places. During the cold months, the climate might be eccentric, so this 3-in 1 Snow Removal Kit is your best winter accessory.

3 in 1 Multi-Functional Snow Removal Kit

This Snow Removal Kit can change into a snow shovel to dig out your car from snow, an ice scraper to remove thick ice, or a soft snow brush bristles to remove thick ice without scratching your car paint. This is a perfect snow emergency kit for winter.

- The scraper is wide enough to get into the corners, but not so wide that it gets in the way.

- The brush part is nice and long so you can clean off the top of your car with ease.

- The shovel is durable enough to remove heavy snow from your backyard or roadside.

Ultra-Compact With a Storage Bag

A multifunction emergency Snow Removal Kit can disassemble into 5 pieces. Each component can be swapped easily with the interlocking design of this toolset. The compact size and free storage bag make the snow shovel kit easy to carry anywhere.

Durable and Solid Structure

The blade of the shovel is made from PP, making it tough and it is perfect for cutting through ice buildup on your windshield. The stiff bristles on the brush will grab and sweep the snow away easily. It is a great kit for you to have in your vehicle.

Ergonomic Design Handles

Comes with a D-shaped handle, ergonomically designed for easy grip and use, minimizing discomfort and avoiding hand slip. In addition, the handle of the snow shovel is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, with excellent rust and deformation resistance.


Detachable Aluminum Poles

The telescopic poles are detachable, durable, and lightweight. This design allows a snow shovel length can be adjusted between 25.39 and 37.8 inches. 

How to Assemble

Step 1: Connect the Handle to Shaft B. Press to hold the pins on both sides of the shaft and insert the handle slot. Once the pins click, it means that the pins are locked in and it's connected properly.


Step 2: Repeat the same process to attach Shaft A to Shaft B. To make a shorter version of this tool just omit the Shaft B.

Step 3: At the end of the tip of Shaft A, press the pin, and insert the shaft into your Shovel Scraper or Rotatable Brush. Once the pins click, it is secure to use.

Package Contains

1 x Shovel

1 x Scraper

1 x Rotatable brush

1 x Handle grip

2 x Shafts

1 x Carrying bag