Techshark Car snow tool 3 in 1 brush kit - Portable Snow Removal Shovel, Ice Scraper, and Snow Brush Car Set with a Carrying Bag

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- Techshark snow brush kit ice scraper is made with heavy-duty plastic with a solid aluminum scrape that will surely last. The ice scraping blade is straight and sharp, perfect for cutting through ice buildup on your windshield. The stiff bristles on the brush will grab and sweep the snow away easily.

- Techshark snow brush kit is an all-in-one snow tool. The scraper is wide enough to get into the corners, but not so wide that it gets in the way. The brush part is nice and long so you can clean off the top of your car with ease. The shovel is durable enough to remove heavy snow from your backyard or roadside.

- Techshark snow brush kit is highly recommended for all drivers out there especially those who are living in snowy and cold places. During the cold months, the climate might be eccentric, so our 3-in 1 snow clearing pack is your best winter accessory.