Ice Cube Bottle 2 in 1 (A kettle and an Ice Cube Tray)

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  • It's not only an ice cube tray! also, a kettle that you can drink any drinks directly. easy to make 17 full ice balls at a time, convenient to use and clean, with a sealed bottle cap to prevent odor. Compared with a traditional ice tray, it can prevent the hockey puck from being scattered, supports novel 3 differents usage methods, BPA-free, you can enjoy the coolness at home anytime
  • Pour the ice hockey puck into a cup with a drink, the full ice hockey puck will instantly bring you a cold experience
  • fill the drink into this ice ball maker kettle with iced balls, shake it for a few seconds, then pour it into the cup, you will find the drink is just like it is taken out of the refrigerator.
  •  Pour drinks into this ice cube trays/kettle, shake it for a few seconds, drink it directly, and enjoy the original iced drink.
  •  the ice maker kettle is made of Tritan material, which is durable and flexible to use, non-toxic and no odd smell, won't crack or break, easy to fill, remove, and clean, good material can serve you for a long time
  •  Portable ice hockey kettle, very suitable for summer picnics, outings, parties, play, restaurants, bars, and entertainment to enjoy clean, fresh ice.