(Bundle Of 3) RJ11 2 Way Splitter for Telephone Modular Line



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Two Way Telephone Splitter

Specially designed 2 way RJ11 6P4C splitter lets you plug in two phone devices to one wall jack. It allows two telephones or modems with a US plug to connect to a single US telephone socket.


Our Two Way Telephone Splitter is very simple to use. You just plug the adapter into the RJ11 phone socket and plug your RJ11 cables (not supplied) into the adapter. One end is a male plug and the other end is two female RJ11 sockets.

Convenient and Simple

Our Two Way Telephone Splitter can be used not only for telephone but for FAX machines with your Ooma VOIP telephony unit. This makes it the perfect gadget for your office.

Durable Material

Our Two Way Telephone Splitter is made of durable plastic material that you can trust.