Baseus 2.4Ghz Wireless Presenter Remote Controller Red Laser Pen USB + Type C Universal



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USB + Type C Universal

Supports both interfaces, going above and beyond traditional presenters. The presenter remote has a 100-meter laser distance with strong penetrability making it perfect for large venues.

Blind Operation

The presenter remote has optimized frequent key positions including full screen, black screen, and page-turning which allows users to focus on giving a more natural and effective presentation.

Anti-Loss Magnet Design

The device contains a hidden magnetic receiver within its body to ensure it is easy to find and hard to lose.

No Plugins Required

Using this device is as simple as plugging it in. There are no installations required! The device is supported by both Windows and Mac making it suitable for a wide variety of users.

Laser Technology

The presenter remote uses RF2.4G Hz laser technology sporting a red laser.


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