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Do you like to exercise? If you DON’T - or just don’t have TIME - Vibration technology is for you!

Whole Body Vibration machines are a great exercise option for anyone who:

Has previous injuries or mobility issues which prevent them from enjoying conventional exercise
Is time-pressed and wants to condense a long workout into a 10 minute session
Wants an exercise routine that is easy and feels good to do

How does it work?

Whole Body Vibration is about three things - creating movement, reactions, and gravity.
The machine itself creates movement in the body by moving up to 30 times a second. It is also designed to create reactions.
When you stand on the plate of a Vibration Machine, the plate moves in a see-saw type motion, bringing your body slightly out of balance.

Without us even being aware of it, when we are in motion our muscles are always reacting to keep us upright and balanced. This natural reaction is what's being employed with WBV. By keeping the body constantly a little out of balance, these muscles have to keep working. Every time the plate moves, your body has no choice but to respond to the challenge it is offered - rebalancing you on the plate by engaging and disengaging (contracting and relaxing) several times a second.

And the best part is, because the reactions are so quick and involuntary, it actually feels good! The sensation is more like a massage or gentle stretching - nothing like pounding through several sets at a gym. Along with creating movement, Whole Body Vibration is also about harnessing the power of gravity, the pull that is exerted by the earth.

As the machine accelerates, it pushes up against your body and creates an extra force - known as a g-force.

Imagine you were to hold a 12-pound weight in your hand. No problem, right? Now imagine someone were to drop that weight - just by an inch or two - into your hand. You'd have to use a little more strength to keep that weight from falling. The weight hasn't changed, but it feels heavier. Now, imagine someone were to drop that weight into your hand 30 times a second! Your muscles would be working much harder than if they were just holding the weight. So while your muscles are working to keep you balanced, they actually have to stabilize a heavier load than they would if you were standing on the ground! Your body will literally feel as though it weighs more, meaning you have to work against an increased weight or “load” than your muscles are used to.

What can whole body vibration do for you?

• Accelerated Weight Loss
It's well known that muscles burn more calories than fat, meaning your metabolic rate will be increased even when standing still. Plus building strong muscles is key in getting that sleek look, as toned muscles tend to 'anchor' and disguise any extra curves you may still be working on. Whole Body Vibration is great for stimulating those big fat burning muscles, and combining Whole Body Vibration with walking or any cardio workout and a sensible eating plan will give even faster results.

• Strength Building
Whole Body Vibration is one of the most studied exercise methods right now, particularly in the areas of explosive strength and in rehabilitation. A multitude of scientific studies have proven the superior results WBV can offer, and around the globe everyone from elite trainers to people working with the elderly or those recovering from recent injuries have come to rely on WBV for fast results.

• Golf
Strength, flexibility and balance – that’s what you need for a great golf game. Vibration has been particularly highlighted in the scientific community in the area of explosive strength gains. Flexibility allows for an increased range of motion - in plain terms, you can reach back further and follow through farther, to make your swing longer. Vibration gives you the stability needed for accuracy. Use it before your game as a warm up, or during the off-season to maintain strength.

• Beauty and Cellulite Reduction
Whole Body Vibration actually helps to REDUCE cellulite! Studies show a significant reduction (25.7%) of cellulite with just 3 sessions a week (11 hours total over 24 weeks). Combined with cardio, that reduction is boosted to 32%!* *Sanader. Anti Cellulite Untersuchung, 2003

• Flexibility
This benefit is very easy to demonstrate. Whole Body Vibration works your muscles by gently forcing the muscle to contract and release. This lengthens the fibres of your muscles (in other words, stretches them) as the muscle lets go.

• Warming Up And Cooling
DownIt may normally take about 30 minutes of stretching to get your muscles and joints limber. As little as 5 minutes of Vibration may give similar results.

• Low Impact
WorkoutsOne of the other great features of Whole Body Vibration is that it's low impact, meaning it's easy on your joints. This means that Whole Body Vibration is suitable for all kinds of people - whether you already have some joint issues or are just trying to avoid future problems, Whole Body Vibration is a great choice.

Who can use Whole Body Vibration? Just about everyone can and should use Whole Body Vibration. Since it is a low impact way to gain strength and flexibility, it is often used for rehabilitation of injuries. In particular, athletes, overweight people (who experience difficulty exercising over extended periods of time), office workers with inadequate levels of physical activity, people who cannot find the time to exercise and patients requiring rehabilitative therapy stand to benefit the most. Contraindications:

Whole Body Vibration is very safe, but may not be suitable for some people. Please be sure to seek qualified medical advice before using whole Body Vibration. In particular, if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, any other implant, or have had recent surgery, or have any medical condition whatsoever, please do not undertake Whole Body Vibration without the approval of your medical practitioner.

Product Features:
1.Multiple sports modes
2.Resistance rope system, strong rope safety
3.Intelligent multiple circuit protection system
4.Non-slip material, piano paint
5.Smart mute, wireless remote control, ABS material, ten protection
6.99 speed adjusts vibration frequency, suitable for people of different weight 

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