Dumbbell Rack for Techshark™ Adjustable Dumbbells (Stand Only)



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Dumbbell Rack for TechShark™ Adjustable Dumbbells 

Complete your home gym equipment with a sturdy iron dumbbell stand from Techville. No more worrying about where your weights are; this compact gym rack gives you the ultimate organization for your home gym. 

Keep Your Weights in Reach  

As traditional gyms and fitness centers remain closed, the home gym is in a renaissance. Now fitness enthusiasts across Canada are adjusting their training split and finding innovative ways to maintain their gains. 

If you grew sick of air squats and crunches and purchased a set of TechShark™ adjustable dumbbells –– you made a wise decision. Adjustable free weights are the gold standard of home gym equipment. Allowing you to switch between light resistance work to heavy lifting in just a turn of a dial, the possibilities are endless. 

Ensure your adjustable dumbbells are always on hand when you purchase this ergonomic dumbbell stand. Lift at home, whenever you feel like it with TechShark™. 


This dumbbell stand is made out of iron with a high-quality textured chrome handle for enhanced security. It includes four fixed anti-slide feet to ensure it stays in place. When you order our gym stand, it also comes with a convenient weight tray that comfortably cradles your weights for storage and prevents them from rolling over.

Effortless Assembly 

No hours of assembly are needed. This gym rack is easy to assemble and small enough to travel with you anywhere you go. For added convenience, it even has a built-in towel rack. 

Safe Lifting, Space-Saving Storage 

When you're done powering through your workout, your adjustable dumbbells probably get pushed into a corner or tucked under your bed. While this can be convenient, it also poses a safety risk. If your home gym is also your office, bedroom, living room, etc., having dumbbells lying on the ground is a major tripping hazard –– especially if you have kids. 

Transform any area in your home into an instant gym and ensure that it's safe and slip-proof by purchasing a stand for your adjustable dumbbells. 

About TechShark™

When it comes to home gym equipment, TechShark™ sets the industry standard. TechShark's adjustable dumbbells are renowned for their limitless options for intensity and their safety features. Aside from being more convenient and cost-effective than buying a set of traditional dumbbells, these adjustable dumbbells also allow for more freedom of movement and range of motion. 

If you don't already have your own set, make the investment today! 

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Protection For Your Floors

The gym rack for TechShark™'s adjustable dumbbells features rubber end caps to prevent the rack from scratching your floor. These caps also guarantee your stand doesn't slip or stray. 

Save Space Today 

Take your home gym to the next level with space-saving accessories from Techville. Browse other home fitness equipment or order your dumbbell stand today! 

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