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Improve Yoga Stretches:
Whether you're new to yoga or you just need a little extra help perfecting a difficult pose, our foam yoga block will help turn you into a master! They offer strong support, allowing you to deepen stretches, increase strength and improve balance.

Convenient 2-PC:
Your order includes 2 yoga blocks, giving you an unbeatable value!

Clean and Comfortable:
100% non-toxic and eco-friendly. When you're giving a workout your all, things tend to get a little sweaty. Thankfully, our odor-free yoga blocks are non-absorbent and moisture-proof, so they won't grow bacterial!

Durable Quality:
Made of high-quality cork and featuring rounded edges, our firm yoga blocks provide you with an unbelievably soft grip! They're also slip-resistant and incredibly strong, ensuring users of all fitness levels have a safe, and comfortable workout.

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