Mijia Xiaomi™ Wiha Screwdriver Set with 24 Magnetic Bits - High Grade Steel

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The Best Wiha Screwdriver for Your Most Delicate Repairs

When your valuables and electronics break, repair them using only the finest tools. Order our affordable Wiha precision screwdriver set today. 


When your watch stops, it can feel like time stops and it always seems impossible to remember where you put that tiny kit from the dollar store. With the Wiha screwdriver set by Xiaomi™, you’ll always have the tools you need for your DIY watch repair, electronic repair, or mobile phone repair. This pocket screwdriver is perfect for on the go repairs too and features:

  • A quality engineered aluminum alloy handle;
  • Smooth edge for a comfortable no-slip grip;
  • Anodes treatment to make it anti-sweat, anti-corrosion and anti-rust; 
  • 24 precision magnetic security bits for the most delicate jobs;
  • A stylish aluminum alloy storage case that is durable, luxurious, and unforgettable. 

We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and free shipping on all of our products to ensure you are always getting the best products and services. 

Tools You Love for the Devices You Love

Our Wiha screwdrivers are designed to make it a joy to tinker with your watches. Whether you are a watch collector or need a high-quality precision pocket screwdriver, try our Wiha screwdriver. Our Wiha screwdriver has everything you need to get the job done safely without damaging the screws holding your device together. 

Wide Application

With the development and adjustment of mainstream electronic products in the market, the batch head model is more suitable for the disassembly and assembly needs of mainstream electronic products and has a wider application range.
There are 10 kinds and 24 precision batch heads, which can be used for disassembling and repairing various electronic products, household appliances, and daily small things.

High-Quality Material

S2 alloy steel batch head - High-quality S2 alloy steel batch head, hardness up to 60HRC, tough and durable. Double surface treatment, anti-rust and ensure the high-precision snap screw of the screwdriver head, which is not easy to damage the precision screw.

Aluminum alloy handle - Three-section design is more suitable for fingers, good grip and easy application of force; the anodizing process is exquisite and non-slip. With the design of a rotating cap, one hand can operate continuously.

Aluminum alloy box - All aluminum alloy shell with green shape is round and seamless, and the handle is smooth and comfortable. Anode sandblasting surface treatment, anti-perspiration, anti-skid and anti-corrosion.

The Perfect Gift for Anyone

You know how it is. Certain people are just hard to shop for and usually, those people happen to be the ones we love the most. It can be frustrating to spend hours online searching for the perfect gift, only to find a bunch of low-quality novelty items. 

Our Wiha screwdriver is different. Not only does it feature a sleek, timeless design, but it allows your loved one to be prepared anytime their watch stops working. No more tossing Grandpa’s priceless family heirloom into a jewelry box because the battery stopped working.  Now you or a loved one can quickly change the batteries and slip it back on, where it belongs. That’s a gift to be cherished!

What Is a Wiha Screwdriver?

Simply put, it is a quality pocket screwdriver. Wiha screwdrivers feature exceptional German design and the strongest, most durable alloys. With its rust-resistant, anti-corrosion features, it's made to last for years. The next family heirloom might be the screwdriver your family uses for all of their DIY small appliance repair and electronic repair needs.
At the Techville Store, we are committed to providing you with only the best products. That is why we choose to carry Wiha screwdrivers from a trusted name like Xiaomi™, a maker of high-quality electronics and devices.

Order Your Mijia Xiaomi™ Wiha Screwdriver Set Today

Are you ready to enjoy the beauty and craftsmanship of our Wiha screwdriver and magnetic security bits? Order yours today for all of your watch repairs, mobile device repairs, battery changes, and more. Or give us a call. Our friendly customer service team is always ready to answer any questions you might have. 


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