Red Light Therapy Lamp with Aluminum Light Bulb Housing 18 LED Lights for Pain Relief



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LED Red Light Therapy

The Red-Light Therapy Lamp has 18 high-power LEDs in total. (9 x 660nm deep red LED’s and 9 x 850nm near-infrared LED’s). The deep red light can be absorbed more effectively by the skin to help repair skin problems/blemishes and the Infrared light 850nm penetrates deeper into the skin, effectively relieving pain.

Easy to Use

This Red-Light Therapy Lamp comes with all the accessories you need. It will work as soon as you plug it in and turn on the switch. You can fix the lamps to a surface by using the clamp provided. It only weighs 2.8 pounds, making it extremely portable so you can enjoy your light therapy at any time, anywhere.

Well Made and Durable

The infrared light bulb housing is made of aluminum for better heat dissipation. It features cooling fans which increase durability during use. The infrared light therapy for pain relief is equipped with a 30-degree optical glass lens which improves the Irradiance 121mW/cm² at 3 inches distance, which will improve the infrared lamp therapy treatment effect.