Slack Line

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Slacklining is Great for Fun!

Slacklining is a totally new sport that you need to try! Basically, a slackline is a flat wide high tenacity polyester web. The concept is similar to a tightrope, but less ridged, more versatile and more fun! Slacklines are sometimes described as a long narrow trampoline, which isn’t far off. Because it’s so bouncy, and the tension can be adjusted, there are a lot of tricks and styles that can be done on this thin strip of nylon.

Full Body Workout

This slackline lets you get the most out of your workout. Provides a full body workout which improves your core, posture and leg strength while enhancing your balancing skills and sharpens your focus.

Tree protectors

No need to worry about damaging the trees during use – this kit comes with 2 tree protectors that keep any tree and any user out of harms way.

Easy Set-Up

Simply find two strong trees, wrap the line around each tree, set up the ratchet and tighten to desired tightness, then test the line.

Fun for Whole Family

This will give you all-age outdoor family fun while showing off your trick and balancing skills. Whether in your backyard, the park, or beach, this kit is a great game to enjoy with friends and family.

Convenient Storage

Store your kit in the included carrying bag so you can take the slackline wherever you go.

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