Magnetic 2.4A Fast Charging Type-C Cable for Android



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TPE Material

Made of Thermoplastic Elastomers Material, flexible and strong.

Tidy and Neat Design

Easily wrap and loosen your fingertips - from neatly coiled to fully released just like that! Great for traveling, space-saving, and undisturbed workplace. Quick and easy storage with easy to roll up and release without knotting, fold and connect again, it's that simple!

2.4A Fast Charging Type-C Cable

Quickly and efficiently charge all devices to save your time. Provide a fast and safe charging environment. Protect the mobile phone battery, stabilize the charging current and extend the battery life.

Flexible and Protective

Reinforced with strong and flexible, protective silicone tubing and made with premium, high-grade materials, and premium magnetic accessories. The transmission rate is faster, more secure. Cables are made to last.


Our cables are compatible with nearly every phone or device in your mobile phone equipment.

Easy to Use

Just pull your phone and the magnets will instantly extend the cord to make it longer. Just wrap it back up when you're ready to make it a short cable once again.

Different Shapes

You can push the magnets around to connect them in different shapes and creative ways, including Spiral, Zig-Zag, Long Connected Lines, Flattened Loops, "The Twister" Formation, and more.