T4 Smart Portable Voice Translator with Bluetooth Real-Time Interpreter



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Two-Way Real Time Intercom

Our T4 smart voice translator can be used to communicate face to face and solve communication obstacles. It can give you the most suitable translation results within seconds. Supports more than 40 different languages.

Instant Voice Translation

No need to wait, hold down the button, say what you want to translate, and let it be translated at the same time.

Photo Translation

Open the mobile app, use the mobile phone to take a photo, and identify it, the translation is more convenient.

Text Input Translation

The chat information received you don't understand? Can't write? Copy directly into the APP text input box, and the translated text can be copied again.

Recording Translation

It is not only a translation machine but also a recording pen. After recording the text, it can recognize the text translation.

Easy to Hear

With Omni-directional microphone and loud speaker it is highly recognizable, accurate, and easy to hear.