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50 LB Adjustable Dumbbell Set | At Home Fitness Training 

Master your at-home free weight workout. Techville's adjustable free weights can replace up to 30 different dumbbells and come with individual weight adjustment capabilities for the ultimate workout customization. 

Lift at Home, Anytime 

The home gym is now in a renaissance. However, stocking an adequate and effective home gym can be a challenge. If you're struggling to maximize your at-home weight system's affordability and functionality, purchasing an adjustable dumbbell set is the best solution. After all, most of us don't have the disposable income to trick out a massive basement or garage space like a celebrity. 

Our ergonomic and versatile adjustable weights allow you to change the load you're lifting with ease. In just one compact set of dumbbells, you get a range of lifting options that would take up the entire wall at your local gym. 

Save Space with Adjustable Home Gym Weights 

When you're done powering through your fitness training session, your 50 lb adjustable dumbbell set can be tucked into a corner or even under your bed. Gone are the days of sacrificing space in your home to achieve your physique goals; our home gym weights allow you to transform any room in your home into an instant gym. 

How to Use Your Adjustable Free Weights

Our weights have an easy select dial for precision weight selection and scratch-resistant coating for added protection. This allows you to effortlessly change how heavy the weight is. Despite their convenience, learning how to use your adjustable dumbbells can be tricky at first. However, we're sure you'll get the hang of it with the help of this cheatsheet: 

Step One: Warm Up 

To stay injury-free while strength training, you must warm up your muscles before pumping away with your weight system. A good warm-up includes light, dynamic movement that increases in intensity. 

Step Two: Adjust 

Other adjustable dumbbell sets are complicated and frustrating. Not ours. To adjust, simply turn the dial to your desired weight increment. Whether you're doing high-reps with 5 lbs or pounding out shoulder presses at full 50 pounds, our dumbbells support a range of training styles. 

Step Three: Move 

Complete your workout with peace of mind. We understand you might be nervous about trusting your adjustable dumbbells. That's why we've included a safety lock and innovative latch design guaranteed to let you lift without fear. 

Step Four: Create Space 

After your workout, sanitize your weights and put them back in a safe space. Your instant home gym can now resume its usual duty as a home office or living room. 

You Get What You Pay For with Home Gym Equipment 

While there are cheaper options on the market, they're not always to be trusted. When ordering home gym weights online, it is essential to not skimp on quality. Remember, an adjustable weight is not as simple as traditional dumbbells. Opting for cheaper parts and pieces puts your safety and performance in danger. 

Reinvent your Home Fitness Training Routine 

Order your 50 lb adjustable dumbbell set now! 


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