TechShark™ Bike Lock U-Lock with Cable and 2 Keys

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Ensure your bike is safely secured with the TechShark™ Bike Lock!

Durable and Protective

The TechShark™ Bike Lock has hexagonal PVC covers to help resists corrosion from water, dust, and dirt. This helps to prolong the life of your lock and ensures functionality in all weather conditions

Extremely Convenient and Secure

The TechShark™ Bike Lock comes with 2 keys for added convenience! This way you can keep one on you while riding and have a backup in case of accidental loss or damage.

Simple Bracket Install

The TechShark™ Bike Lock comes equipped with a convenient, high-quality mounting bracket that allows you to bring your lock on the go. Our bracket is suitable for bike frame tubes: 20-42mm.

Easy to Lock

The TechShark™ Bike Lock is easy to use. The U-lock component is 14mm,250mm x 150mm thick making it effortless to shack the lock and go! Locking your bike and your wheels with a 10mm x 180cm cable is an added quick, no-hassle system to increase safety. The combination of the two helps ensure your bike is safe and ready for your next ride.

Using Your Lock

Make sure you lock according to value. The frame (being the most expensive), the rear wheel, then the front wheel.

Unlocked frames and wheels will likely be stolen eventually. Aim for well-lit places and never leave a lock against the ground, as thieves might get the necessary leverage to pry it open. Make sure your bike can’t be lifted up and over a pole or tree. Bikes that were locked to street signs, over which a bike can easily be hoisted, or small trees, which can be promptly cut down.

As a general rule, the thing you’re locking to should be stronger than your lock.

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