The Shave Factory™ Safety Razor | Variable Blade Height And Magnetic Stand



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Height-Adjustable Safety Razor 

The Shaving Factory™'s height-adjustable safety razor is elegant and perfectly finished. The gap between the blade and the sidebar of the razor is adjustable from 0,5 to 6 - where 0,5 is the point of least aggression while 6 represents the maximum distance between the blade and the safety bar and therefore, maximum aggressiveness.

Wide Shaving Range

This shapely razor with a matching stand is a perfect entry-level model. Because the blade height can be individually adjusted here (from level 0.5 to 6). In the lowest level, the blade is retracted so far that shaving is safe even for the inexperienced.

It works with all standard-size razor blades.

Shaving Factory Matte Chrome Stand

The magnetic stand firmly holds the safety razor straight upright and does not damage the shaving blade it is holding. The diameter of the pedestal hole is 1,4 cm. Depth of the pedestal hole, 2 cm.