TOWNEW™ Smart Trash Can | Motion Sensor Garbage Bin - Model T1

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TOWNEW™ Smart Trash Can | Motion Sensor Garbage Bin

TOWNEW Smart Trash Can | Electric Garbage Can

This self-sealing, self-changing trash can, replaces its own garbage bags and reduces unwanted bad smells. Perfect for a family kitchen, the TOWNEW smart trash can closes itself snugly, preventing unwanted odors from escaping. 

The automatic open lid is easy to wipe clean, and the motion sensor is activated, keeping your hands clean and hygienic. This futuristic smart trash can also come equipped with 1 refill ring included, which stores up to 25 refuse bags. Remarkably, this unit can self-change trash bags, so you don’t need to do it!

Smart Trash Can Features

The features of this futuristic smart trash can, make it perfect for a family home. It would also be a welcome addition to any smart home system. 

Keep your hands clean and sanitary with the unit’s self-sealing and self-changing, hands-free functionality. A motion sensor recognizes when you want to use the unit and opens the trash can lid automatically. 

An Attractive and Easy To Clean Design

The TOWNEW smart trash can has…

  • Self-sealing & self-changing functionality
  • A built-in motion sensor, so you don't have to touch the trash bin. Keep your hands clean!
  • Attractive, modern design and glossy white finish
  • TOWNEW™ trash can uses refill rings; each contains up to 25 durable trash bags

Keep your home clean, safe, and smelling fresh with this amazing smart trash can. You are sure to be impressed by intelligent functionality such as the overload function that ensures trash bags are always big enough, automatic lid opening and closing, and 1-button push trash bag changing function.

Product Specifications

TOWNEW smart trash can features award-winning technology. It has a large capacity, odors are sealed inside, there’s an overload avoiding design, the lid opens and closes gently, and when it’s time to change trash bags, the unit is self-changing with a single touch.

Infrared sensing technology enables the automatic opening and closing of the unit, while a rechargeable battery ensures you can install the garbage can anywhere in your home without a cable. Popular rooms for the smart trash can are kitchens, bathrooms, home offices, playrooms, and living spaces.

Each refill ring contains 25 4-gallon-size bags, but when your trash can is overloaded, the intelligent TOWNEW smart trash can will release more bag material to contain your jam-packed garbage without spillages. As a result, it will decrease the bag count (which is up to 25) in each refill ring.

Package Contains

1 x  white TOWNEW™ trash can

1 x refill ring

1 x power adapter

User manual

TOWNEW Smart Trash Can FAQ 

Question: Can I easily buy refill trash bags/refill rings?

Answer: Yes, Techville stocks refill rings for this model of TOWNEW electric, automatic trash can.

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