Tungfull™ Mini Electric Drill | Drill Box Set of 350pcs



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Expert in DIY Work

Flexible collocation competent for all kinds of work. Contains 350 pcs equipped with a box that is more convenient to carry. Suitable for cutting metal, aluminum, jade, and stone. You can polish and sculpt your own jewelry or drill paper, aluminum alloy, wood, or plastic. Also, you can remove rust from iron products.

Comfortable Touch

This Mini Electric Drill has a light body and flexible use. It weighs just 0.6kg.

Use of Accessories

  • Carving - Diamond grinding head
  • Grinding - Iron products can be polished and rusted
  • Cutting - Cutting pieces. Can cut wood, plastic, aluminum, etc.
  • Drilling-Different sizes of drill bits
  • Cleaning - Various stainless steel brushes. Suitable for polishing and rust removal
  • Polishing - Sandpaper band. Suitable for all kinds of grinding operations

Installation steps

Accessories Installation Steps

1. Hold the spindle lock and open the nut with a wrench.

2. Insert the drill chuck and install the nut.

3. Put in accessories.

4. Hold the spindle lock and tighten the nut with a wrench.

Flexible Shaft Installation Steps

1. Unscrew the plastic nut.

2. Take out the flexible core and insert the chuck.

3. Tighten the soft shaft cap.

4. Insert the small hole with the shaft hook. Then loosen the nut with a wrench.

5. Put in the accessories, hold down the shaft hook, and tighten the nut with a wrench.

A Total of 350pcs

TH109 Mini drill HSS saw blade
12V Mini drill Diamond burs
Drill locator Twist drill bit
Mill stand Grinding head
Flexible shaft Grinding wheel piece
Cleaning brush Grinding stone
Standing band Copper wire brush
Wool polishing wheel Nylon brush
Impeller LED light
Mini drill chuck Protective cover
Polishing paste Bead fixing tool
Resin cutting discs Wrench
Connecting rod Connecting rod
Twin-wire cutting discs