USB Himalayan Salt Lamp Healthy Ionizer Air Purifier with 7 Colors Changing Glows LED Bulb

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Composition Details:
100% Himalayan Salt Crystal with Wooden Base + 3 Watt Included Multi color Bulb + USB Cable.

Natural & Handcrafted:
Salt Lamp is hand made from natural salt crystals from Himalayan Mountains, providing you with a unique and individual shape and size.

Acts as Air Purifier:
Heating the salt with the included 10w bulb releases negative ions to purify the air, helping to regulate people's body circulation and PH balances, making you feel healthier and more energetic.

Broad Usage:
It can be used in your home, Yoga meditation room, at the office, or as a gentle night light. Also makes for a memorable gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, celebration and more. Perfect for people who sit for a long time, frequent use of computers, suffer from allergies, do yoga or meditation very often, elder or weak, smokers, recurrent insomnia.

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