WalkingPad A1 PRO - Smart Folding Treadmill with Remote Controller

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The Best Foldable Walking Pad Treadmill Solution in Canada

We help you take your running, jogging, and walking workouts to the next level with a smart collapsible treadmill. Our folding walking pad treadmill makes your workout easier than ever. Get started with our walking pad Canada residents trust now!

Get in a Workout on the Go! 

Finding the time to make it to the gym can be tough. It's hard to set aside a chunk of time outside of your busy work schedule to start working out. Luckily, with a folding walking pad, you can actually bring the gym to you!

Our walking pad treadmill is created with smart technology that allows you to easily tuck it up and place it under the desk. That way, you can work out while you're at the office. 

Get started with a walking pad folding treadmill that transforms the way that you exercise. Order yours today!

A Walking Pad Foldable Treadmill With a Wide Range of Benefits

Our walking pad treadmill includes all kinds of features that help you get in your exercise no matter where you are. Take advantage of unique benefits, such as: 

  • New Upgrade Brushless Motor: Excellent noise reduction ability, more stable operation, belongs to your quiet sports environment, will not produce loud noise to affect neighbors
  • LED Display Panel: Integrate the LED light set with the panel, whether in the morning or at night, the sports data is more clear, and at the same time gives you a comfortable visual experience
  • Two Sports Modes: Two sports modes, M mode (manual mode) and A mode (automatic mode), you can use the remote control or the position of the foot on the walking machine to control the speed, making it easy for beginners to use it
  • Comfortable Foot Feel: EVA soft layer with built-in cushioning effect, durable high-density fiberboard, giving you a more comfortable experience
  • Smart Connect: Link with Mijia APP to view sports data at any time without space restrictions. Connected TV, when watching TV, sports data can appear in the upper right corner of the TV
  • Foldable Patented Design: The walking machine can be folded 180 degrees in half, with a smaller volume that can be easily placed under the table. With the two rollers at the bottom, it is very convenient to store and move
  • Multiple Security Protections: This not only makes you comfortable in sports but also gives you peace of mind. Provide child locks, overload protection, and other multiple protections to protect you and your family.

Get your workout in no matter where you are or what's happening. Our technology ensures that you're able to work out the way you deserve. Get started with our technology today. 

Order a Treadmill That Lets You Workout No Matter Where You Are

With our foldable treadmill, you're able to get your workout in regardless of how busy your schedule might be. Get started with our smart folding technology and keep your fitness goals on track and moving forward so that you can stay in shape and stay healthy.



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