WalkingPad Handrail Foldable Handlebar for WalkingPad A1 and A1 Pro



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With this treadmill handrail, a WalkingPad can turn into a running treadmill. By simply assembling the handrail to a walking treadmill, you are protected and safe when running on the pad. It can be perfectly folded and put out of sight.

Additional Support

The Walkingpad Handrail is the perfect attachment for added support and stability. The stainless steel frame is stable and heavy, and the handrail is covered with soft foam so your hands won't slip from the sweat.

Two Angles Can be Adjusted

You can get two gears by pushing or pulling lightly. The vertical gear is suitable for people with middle and low heights, and the oblique gear is suitable for people with higher heights to meet the sports needs of different family members.

Durable Design

The handrail is crafted using durable materials to ensure optimal stability and comfort. It fits the WalkingPad A1 and A1 Pro perfectly.

Easy to Fold

During storage, the sports armrest can be folded flat, under the bed, under the sofa, balcony.

Easy to Install

Simple installation of sports handrails, no tools required.


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