WalkingPad R1 Pro Smart Folding Treadmill with Remote Controller

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The Best Walking Pad for Home Workout Enthusiasts in Canada 

Start running, jogging, or walking with a collapsible treadmill that you can take with you wherever you go. Our walking pad treadmill keeps you moving even when you can't make it to the gym. Trust in a team that offers the best walking pad and that has the walking pad reviews to show for it! 


A Foldable Walking Pad for a Smart Workout Routine 

Have you ever heard of a treadmill walking pad? If not, it's high time that you did. Treadmill walking pads are convenient, foldable treadmills that you can take with you on the go.  

Support a busy lifestyle and enjoy the advanced technology that comes with a walking pad treadmill. At Techville Store we've got walking pads in stock that you can start using now!

Order your walking pad from our team and we'll make sure that you're able to get your workout in on a state-of-the-art piece of technology.  

Keep Your Workout Game Strong With Walking Pad's Many Benefits

A walking pad treadmill gives you more benefits than any other workout technology. With this smart workout machinery, you're able to keep your workout game strong and start exercising no matter where in the world you might be. 

Take advantage of foldable workout technology that includes incredible features, such as:

  • 2 in 1 Design
    With unique handle designs, the conventional form belongs to a treadmill, which can be used by users to meet daily running needs. By storing the armrests downward, you can turn them into a space-saving walking machine, suitable for use in a variety of scenarios
  • Low Noise Sports
    With a brushless motor and aluminum alloy frame, durability and stability are significantly improved. Better ability to suppress noise. Maximum load of 110kg, exercise at home will not affect neighbors
  • Comfortable Foot Feel
    A multi-layer running belt structure is used to prevent slipping while ensuring foot comfort. EVA cushioning can reduce knee injury.

  • Highlight LED Panel
    Integrating LED lights into the panel helps you monitor speed, distance, and exercise time

  • 3 Control Ways
    In manual mode, you can use the remote control or the KS Fit APP to control it. In addition, it can be controlled with feet speed in automatic mode for greater convenience

  • Creative Foldable Design
    After exercise, you can fold the treadmill 180 degrees in half, equipped with armrests and moving rollers, and easily store it with one hand.

  • Safety Protection
    Comes with a newly added safety clip and front handle to keep you safe while you exercise. The handle provides extra balance while the safety clip acts as an emergency stop button. There are also novice speed limits and child lock functions to protect the safety of the family

With all those benefits, the folding walking pad is the perfect piece of equipment to add to your workout gear. Shop for yours today and transform the way you exercise!

Step Up Your Workout Game

Ready to change the way you workout with advanced treadmill technology? Order your walking pad today!



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