Wholesale 10 Pack: Baseus Car Air Compressor Pump [Wholesale: $59.99/unit][MSRP: $79.99/unit]



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Monitor Tire Pressure

The Baseus Car Air Compressor Inflator Pump allows you to check your tire pressure while using to deter over inflation.


Set to Preference

Tire pressure can be set according to your requirements to stop inflation automatically when it reaches your desired preset preference.


Durable Battery

Device comes equipped with a 7500mAh battery, capable of use without needing to be connected to another charger.


Bright LED Light

The Baseus Car Air Compressor Inflator Pump features a bright LED light, making it easy to use no matter the time or place.


Heavy Duty Construction

The device is constructed using heavy duty metal ensuring durability and longevity.


Multiple Uses

The device is perfect for cars, bicycles, sporting equipment and more!


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