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Kingsmith K12 Smart Walking Pad | Home Gym Equipment 

Go for a run or power walk anytime, anywhere! The Kingsmith K12 walking pad comes with a Foldable Support Rail. Trick out your home gym by suiting it up with a piece of high-quality cardio equipment!

Save Space with a Small Treadmill 

Our new normal has brought the home gym into a renaissance. Though there are many advantages to purchasing home gym equipment, stocking an adequate and effective home gym can be challenging. If you’re struggling to maximize the affordability and functionality of your at-home workout system, purchasing a lightweight walking pad is the best solution. After all, most of us don’t have the disposable income to transform a massive basement or garage space like a celebrity. 

Running pads are a more compact cousin of the traditional treadmill. The Kingsmith K12 is a walking pad that offers fast speeds, quiet operation, and multiple modes of use, so you can make your cardio workout your own.  

Bring Your Smart Walking Pad Anywhere

In the early 2000s, the Walking Pad was dreamed up by a group of Chicago-based sports scientists and product designers. Today, walking pads are a favorite of busy professionals and fitness enthusiasts everywhere. And the industry leader is Kingsmith. 

The Kingsmith K12 running pad features: 

  • Automatic speed control patent technology. Foot-feeling speed control, effortless shifting. 
  • Durable aluminum alloy skeleton structure.

Put the pad in your home or office to burn some quick calories by walking or jogging anytime, anywhere. Kingsmith’s advanced technology includes a patented automatic speed control function. This means you can take advantage of the stop and start functions without manual operation. 

How to Use Your Walking Pad

High-precision sensors in the bed of this small treadmill help you control the pad with fast, medium, and slow speeds entirely informed by your footfall. 


To slow down, simply step toward the end of the device. 


Alternately, to accelerate, bring your feet toward the top. 


Walking or running in the middle of the pad keeps the velocity uniform. 

Collect Your Sports Data 

Your walking pad can pair with the KS+APP. Through the data management of KS+APP, you can record the metrics of every run-walk, such as calories burned, average speed, and distance traveled.

Choose Kingsmith 

When it comes to home gym equipment, you get what you pay for. While there are cheaper options on the market, they’re not always to be trusted. When ordering a walking pad online, it is crucial to not skimp on quality to cut costs. Kingsmith is the premier innovator of long-lasting, easy-to-use walking pads. 

Buy Your Smart Walking Pad Now 

Discover the difference a cardio pad can make to your home workout routine today! 

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