Xiaomi™ Mijia Indoor Cycling Mini Stepper

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A Private Gym of 0.15 Square Meters

You can start bodybuilding training anytime, anywhere. Maintain in good body shape without going to the gym and consume light calories. With this mini pedal stepper, you will have a private gym of 0.15 square meters.

Elastic Rope Helps Create the S-Curve

The elastic rope is connected to the bottom of the stepper. While stepping, the arm muscles, shoulder muscles, and back muscles can also be effectively exercised. Both fat reduction and shaping are correct and the S-curve is close at hand.

4 Effects in 1

Persistent use of steppers, combined with fat-reducing meals and regular schedules - slender arms, charming vest lines, peach hips, and tight calves are no longer a distant dream.

Noise Reduction Design

The lower part of the stepper's footboard is equipped with a sound-absorbing and shock-absorbing pad, which can effectively reduce the noise from the foot hitting the instrument trunk during exercise. Silent pedaling, smooth movement does not disturb neighbors.

LCD Smart Display, Exercise Data at Your Fingertips

The LCD smart meter equipped with the stepper monitors and records user movement data during the whole process and the training progress is clear at a glance. Facilitate the trainer to make the next training plan.

Adjustable Pedals

The height of the pedal of the stepper from the ground can be adjusted according to the user. This product can be used by men, women, and children. Just adjust the knob.

Powerful Dual Hydraulic Steel

Full body stainless steel, high-end design, equipped with dual hydraulic cylinders, even resistance, step on and step on, more foot feel, can exercise the muscles of the lower limbs well.

Ergonomic Movement Track

The fixed trajectory of the stepper helps users raise their heels during exercise, reduce the impact force on the ankle joints, and professionally fix the angle to protect their ankle and knee joints.

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