Xiaomi™ Redmi Power Bank 20000mAh USB Input Output Two-Way Charging



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Xiaomi is primarily known for its phones, but the vendor also makes a slew of accessories, including power banks. The latest product in this category is the 20000mAh Mi Power Bank, which offers the largest battery capacity yet.

Two-Way 18W Fast Charging

Xiaomi’s Redmi brand today introduced new 20.000mAh power bank with USB Type-C and micro USB inputs, as well as two USB Type-A output.

Design and Charging

The 20000mAh Mi Power Bank features six high-density batteries from Panasonic and LG, and has two USB ports that allow you to charge two devices simultaneously. The dual USB ports offer a combined output of 5.1 volts at 3.6 amps, which translates to 18.36 watts. Each port is capable of outputting up to 2.1 amps, and you can also use the power bank to charge USB Type-C devices.

There's a four-LED capacity indicator at the top of that shows the charge remaining, with each LED corresponding to a 25% charge. The power bank automatically switches on and off as soon as you connect a device, but there's a dedicated power button on the right as well.

Durable Material

The 20000mAh power bank comes in an environmentally friendly ABS plastic housing with a textured pattern aimed at improving grip. The plastic makes for a far better finish, as it doesn't make the surface of the power bank nearly as slippery as the aluminum design. The casing is also scratch-resistant and can withstand heat up to 90 degrees Celsius.

Provides Protection

20000mAh is a lot of capacity and to ensure that the power bank delivers all that power safely, Xiaomi uses what it calls "nine layers of circuit chip protection," which provides protection from circuits shorting out, input and output overvoltage, overcharge and over-discharge, output overcurrent, temperature resistance, protection from incorrect insertion, PTC protective circuits for the cell and reset mechanism.

Charge On-the-Go

Portable powerhouse that offers high-speed charging and ensures your device make it through your busiest and longest days.

Low-Power Mode

This power bank can also be used to charge small devices: a fitness band, a Bluetooth headset etc. Simply double press the power button to enter 2-hour low power charging.