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Xiaomi™ Yesoul S3 Quiet Exercise Bike With Bluetooth

Yesoul S3 Quiet Exercise Bike by Xiaomi

This quiet exercise bike from Xiaomi allows you to enjoy gentle, low-impact workouts or spinning class-style exercise from the comfort of your own home. The Xiaomi Yesoul S3 bike is a perfect addition to a home gym and can provide users with convenient cardio exercise. 

This stationary bike is suitable for indoor use and features a belt-drive, magnetic system, and smart bike technology. If you’re interested in cycling at home, look no further than the Yesoul S3. It’s one of the best spin bikes available at this price point.


The features of this very quiet exercise bike include Bluetooth smart technology, smooth ride magnetic technology, adjustable seat and handle height, and a striking, modern design.

  • Magnetic resistance from a mute transmission belt means the ride is always quiet and smooth, so there’s no friction or squeaking to bother family or neighbors
  • A smart app can be paired with the bike to encourage and track use, making it easier to get the health-enhancing benefits from this excellent bike
  • The dimensions and footprint of this smart bike make it ideal for an office or home environment
  • This magnetic exercise bike from Xiaomi has a user weight limit of 120kg and a height limit of between 150 and 188cm


The Yesoul S3 Quiet Exercise Bike by Xiaomi comes in the top ten lists for affordable quiet exercise bikes. It’s a low-impact exercise bike with a stylish, contemporary black, red and white design that would look great in any home gym environment.

An Eye-Catching and Functional Design

The design for this at-home exercise bike is adaptable and versatile. The bike comes with handlebars and a seat that can be adjusted to suit the rider and therefore it’s suitable for users who are a range of different heights.

Cycling is either a breeze or a fitness challenge. It’s up to you! With an easy-to-use adjustment mechanism to set the resistance level, you can easily choose the exact exercise intensity to suit you, no matter what your fitness level may be.

Bluetooth Connectivity also makes this smart fitness bike stand out in the market. You can easily connect the Yesoul S3 Quiet Exercise Bike by Xiaomi to smartphones, tablets, and other devices to pair the bike with the Yesoul sports app. 

  • Sensor system connection method: Bluetooth
  • App name: Yesoul sports
  • Software support version: iOS, Android
  • Tablet/mobile phone bracket size: The maximum width is 260mm

Yesoul S3 Quiet Exercise Bike FAQ 

Question: Can I use this bike while my baby is sleeping without disturbing her? 

Answer: Yes, this quiet exercise bike is unlike traditional bikes because it uses magnetic technology to produce less noise than old-fashioned gear resistance bikes and also provides a smoother indoor ride.

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