Paddleboarding  ~ The water sport you’ve probably never heard of ~

So, what is paddleboarding? Chances are, you’ve probably run a quick google search to figure out what it means, to get a bleak and automated response. This is largely due to the sport being a hidden gem amidst major water sports like surfing or diving, which focus heavily on the thrill factor. In contrast, paddleboarding is simple, cost-efficient, and a great way to let off some steam.



Paddleboarding, as the name implies, is a water sport where the rider balances on a board that floats on water. There are two types of paddleboarding: Simple paddleboarding and SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding). In simple paddleboarding, the rider lays down or kneels on the board and uses their arms to propel themselves across the water. SUP is very similar, however the rider instead stands up and uses a paddle to propel themselves. Personally, I would say that SUP is the better option out of the two as it offers way more flexibility and an overall better experience. 

Choosing a good location to paddleboard is equally important as paddleboarding itself, as it can determine what sort of experience you’ll be having out there. A personal favorite location of mine is Deep Cove, which is very close to downtown Vancouver; it's a great location I’d recommend to anyone as it is accessible to both new and experienced paddleboarders.

As for equipment, I’d suggest starting out with a cheap but sturdy board like the Inflatable Kit on the techville store, which also comes with a bag as an extra plus. But if you think you’re enjoying the sport and if you want to sink some more time into it, why not go all out and splurge every now and then. After all, paddleboarding is fun regardless of money spent.

All-in-all, paddleboarding is a severely underrated contender that deserves a much higher spot among the top water sports, as it can be enjoyed by both the young and the old peacefully or competitively depending on how the rider wants to engage themselves in it.

So go out there, grab your own paddleboard and take it out for a spin. And hey, who knows, you might even get into it!


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