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“We strive to achieve excellence in providing everything you might need to make your life easy, convenient, and trouble-free!”.

The Techville Store is the online marketplace for all the essentials you’ve never known you’ve needed; providing you with exactly what you need; when you need it!

We’ve Got a History of Excellence to prove it.

Techville was established in 2007 in Oakville, with the goal of providing reliable and fast repairs for cell phones and computers. Since then we have grown significantly, tripling in size and expanding our range of products and services. Recognized in 2015 as a “Business to Believe In” by North America’s leading market research firms, and considered as the Greater Toronto Area’s (GTA’s) #1 Tech Center, we have been voted for the Consumer Choice Award for 6 years in a row!
Today, we do all that and more; having expanded our frontiers into fitness equipment, car accessories, repair tools, and general electronic markets as well. Even with all these changes, one thing has always remained the same: At Techville, we value our customers and keep excellent customer service as our number one priority!

Voted #1 Tech Center in All of GTA
for 5 years in a row!

The Only Fitness Store You’ll Ever Need!

Want to burn those calories and build some muscle, but can’t make the trip to the gym? Want to really feel the burn of a good work-out, but feel too weighed down with work? We’ve got you covered with our all-inclusive range of fitness products; including but not limited to the Xiaomi™ 4 in 1 Gym Set | Barbell, Kettlebell, Dumbbell, and Push-Up Stands, the Xiaomi™ Yesoul S3 Quiet Exercise Bike With Bluetooth and much, much more! We’ve got everything you might need on your road to building the body of your dreams over on https://feelpure.myshopify.com/collections/home-gym

You’ll be Blazing Trails and Riding the Currents with Us!

Want to ride the tides and feel the wind rush past; but feel like surfing's not quite up your alley? You want to tell your colleagues at work you spent the weekend cresting waves and cruising the waters? We’ve got you covered.
Our Inflatable Paddle Board Kit with Pump, Paddle, Carry Bag, and More promises you a SUP paddleboarding experience like you’ve never had before! So, head on over to https://feelpure.myshopify.com/collections/summer-sales/products/inflatable-paddle-board-kit-with-pump-paddle-carry-bag-and-more
Or do you prefer blazing trails through open fields and mountain paths; maybe feel like going off-road a bit? If so, our Techshark™ Trailblazer 1.0 Bike is the bike you’ve been waiting for! It’s sturdy. It’s rugged. It’s reliable. It’s the Techshark™ Trailblazer: https://feelpure.myshopify.com/collections/summer-rides

We've Got Everything You Need for a DIY Home Improvement Kit!

Is your house in need of repairs? A loose bolt here; a wobbly spar there? Or maybe you just need something to spruce up your car’s engine battery and really give it that extra kick? We, at the Techville Store have just what you need to get those repairs done and get your house in better shape than ever!
So take a chance and click on over! It’s simple, easy and best-of-all, it’s a choice you just won’t regret!

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