Wheel Size:

29 Inches


1. Frame:

The frame is made of aluminum alloy 6061, top tube: ∮38mm, bottom tube: #50.8mm, middle tube: #31.8mm*2.2T, big head tube: 120mm

Specially shaped design, internal routing and welded using a fish-scale technique. Finished with electrostatic paint and three-dimensional decals.


2. Front fork:

Aluminum alloy, diameter 31.8, oil pressure spring adjustable locking shock absorbing fork

Vertical tube: ∮28.6x200mm (actual), fork leg ∮38mm with disc brake fork piece, open gears: 100mmx3/8", fork piece 5.0T


3.  Front Assembly:

Concealed ball bearings


4. Handlebar:

Aluminum alloy 720L, swallow shape #22.2*#31.8*2.2T*720mm, H:30mm


5. Handlebar tube:

-17-degree aluminum alloy, 6 pegs locking #28.6*#31.8 toothless, K-shaped handlebar, front extension: 90mm


6. Saddle tube:

Aluminum 300L without clip #27.2x300mmx2.0T sand black colour


7. Saddle seat:

Brushed leather surface, sports type


8. Sprocket set:

Aluminum 1/2 "x3/32 "x24/34/42T, 170mm crank


9. Center shaft assembly:

Sealed bearings


10. Chain:

21 speed position chain


11. Rims:

29x32Hx1.75x14G Black aluminum double dimensional cutter rim, 25mm high


12. Front and rear axles:

High carbon steel ball hubs, front wheel removable


13. Tires:

JILUER 29*2.10 50TPI


14. Brake handles:

Integrated aluminum variable braking 


15. Brakes:

160 diameter mechanical disc brake


16. Gear system: SHIMANO 21 speed