3 Prong Universal 5 FT Mickey Mouse Cable Jacket - Multiple uses as Laptop Power Cord for Charger, TV, Projector and More!

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High-Quality Durable Material

Designed for long-lasting strength and performance, this 5 ft. 3 Prong Mickey Mouse power cord is suitable replacement for worn-out or missing existing power cables.


This high quality replacement cable is compatible with most laptop chargers and other devices that accommodate a 3-pin Mickey Mouse power connector.

Plenty of Length

This high-quality 5 ft. Mickey Mouse cable gives you a comfortable amount of length when powering your devices.

Voltage Stats

Designed to carry from 10A and up to 250 volts.

Great for a Backup

Ideal to keep on hand for use as a replacement to an old or missing power cord or simply as a handy backup.

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