Deep Muscle Massage Gun Therapy Body Massager Muscle Massage Gun Vibrating Deep Therapy Fascia Pain Relief Massager Black

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Massage gun can effectively relieve tight muscles, soreness, and stiff backs. Perfect for breaking up the knots in muscles and muscle recovery after a workout, shortens muscle recovery time, and effectively treats muscle groups.

With 24V High-torque 55mm diameter brushless motor and most advanced WhisperGlide motor technology (30dB~50dB), our massage gun is 50% quieter than other popular percussion massage guns and has ultra-strong heat dissipation function, no crash, and with high-quality lithium battery, so it can keep working about 6 hours.

Using our handheld massage gun has multiple benefits for your body, especially if you constantly have tension in your neck and back. For those who work out on a regular basis, the massage gun is a necessity for a pre-workout warm-up and post-workout recovery.

Our massage gun is well built high-quality machine with 20 adjustable speeds and a very powerful percussion vibration giving you 500-3200 strokes per minute. Also, our massager is equipped with 5 massage heads to more accurately locate different body parts, ideal for massaging muscles, waist, back, buttocks, thighs, calves, and other large muscle groups.



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