Delton™ Over-the-Head Bluetooth Wireless Headset Hands Free Mic Up To 18 Hours of Talk Time

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18 Hours Battery Life

These headphones with a built-in microphone have an extended battery life of up to 18 hours, a standby time of 220 hours and require only 3 hours of charge time.

High Quality Sound

This headset provides excellent sound clarity and uninhibited communication that you, your clients and your coworkers rely on that cheap earpieces and one-ear telephone earpieces can’t provide. This headset offers superior noise-canceling capability, so you can talk in a noisy environment.

Multi-Point Technology

When you want to pair multiple devices with your headset at the same time, you will appreciate the multi-point technology of these nice headphones. They provide simultaneous connections without compromising sound quality.


These user-friendly headphones are simple and provide hours of comfortable use. With the adjustable headband, swiveling microphone and volume buttons, you’ll get a comfortable fit for your needs. The headset also features a multifunction control button so you can call, redial,and use voice control commands. This gear also features a micro USB and LED indicator for charging.


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