USB Type C Adapter Hi-Speed USB Type C to USB-A 3.0 for Phone or Computer, Black



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Small and Portable

Our Type c to USB 3.0 Adapter is a small pocket-sized adapter you can take on the go along with being designed for reliable, safe charging. It also features a flexible, reversible design, so you can connect your devices with minimal hassle.


  • Support charging;
  • Low-Profile, reversible design for hassle-free connections.

USB-C connector interface on the bottom of the same, does not have to distinguish between the pros and cons of the interface, the two directions can be inserted.

Sync and Devices

Transfer files 10x faster than USB 2.0. Quality components and advanced circuitry ensure seamless data transfer.

Fast and Simple

Instantly connect standard USB-A peripherals - mouse, thumb drive, hub, card reader - to your USB-C laptop or smartphone.